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Forever Co., Ltd. is the manufacture for the plastics raw materials, like PC,PP,PA6,PA66, PBT,PC/ABS, PC/PBT alloy granules, including the flame retardant, glass fiber reinforced, high glossy, UV resistance.....especially the modified compound for LED lights diffusing polycarbonate PC and flame retardant polybutylece terephthalate PBT,light guide polycarbonate,flame retardant V0/5VA polycarbonate,pcabs alloy, PCR.

Our customers are Philips, Osram, Cree, IKEA,GE,SIEMENS,Schneider etc. for years in the LED light bulbs, tubes, heat sinks,profiles

Our thermoplastics polymers are compliant with RoHS and REACHUL94,UL726 F1/F2, ISO9001,TSCA certification (for example PC RTI 130℃, and PBT RTI 140℃). 

Forever thermoplastics can be processed by injection molding, blowing and extrusion. As a kind of crystalline saturated polyester, crystallization fast, easy to form;Melting point up to 225℃, good heat resistance;Low water absorption, good dimensional stability;Low friction coefficient, wear resistance;Good resistance to chemicals, solvents and weather;Good bending creep;High flame retardant level;Through a variety of modified processing means can be obtained to meet the different functional requirements of a variety of automotive parts, coupled with its excellent performance, so that a variety of toughened, filled, strengthened...modified engineering plastics have been widely used in the automobile,electrical&electronics,home appliance,furniture and there are new technologies and applications.

Our thermoplastic pellets' application in the precise injection include: ashtray, door lock system, mirror, door handle, lamp frame, bumper, wiper bing, fuse box, connector, ignition system, lamp socket and so on.Automobile interior material should have high temperature resistance, low gloss, high weather resistance and other outstanding performance;Exterior decoration in addition to the function of interior decoration, but also require high strength, high toughness, environmental conditions and impact resistance performance;Electrical components are required to be flame retardant and insulated.


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